"I want to express my gratitude to London Cleaning Agency for finding the best cleaning lady for me. As a long time asthma sufferer I have had a several cleaners during the past few years, some of them good, some not so. The girl whom the agency sent is my rescuer, not only she understands the importance of thoroughly vacuuming even the mattresses and changing my linens at least once a week, dusting the surfaces perfectly and doing a brilliant cleaning, but she actually cares about my home. My flowers are watered and my cat fed by the time I come back. I always find everything in a perfect order and am able to enjoy my evenings in a clean home."
Adele Oliver

"I booked London Cleaning Agency for cleaning the carpet in my house and I'm delighted with the results. The cleaners were extremely professional and did a great job. They tested the carpet very carefully and then found the perfect solution which cleaned the stains and left the carpet as good as new. I would like to thank them for their care and professionalism."
Mia Smith

"The founder of London Cleaning Agency has been working for me for a few years, not only doing a great work but also caring about my flat. I want to say that I will miss her very much but also that I'm happy with the cleaning girl she provided as a replacement. It is not easy to find people you can trust and let them easily in to your home and I guess I've been lucky with London Cleaning Agency."
Wendy Goldsmith​

"London Cleaning Agency arranged a cleaning when we were moving out of our house recently. I would like to say that we were very happy with the results. The cleaning girls are hard working and responsible. We did not have to worry about anything as the agency arranged everything, from picking up and bringing back the keys to the estate agency to delivery of cleaning materials and equipment. Thank you for the excellent cleaning you provide. We will most definitely use your services again."
John Reed