One – Off / Spring Cleaning Services in London

At London Cleaning Agency we know the importance of a thoroughly clean home. Even when you have a regular housekeeper, you need to, at least two times a year, have your house, apartment or office spring cleaned. This includes the deep cleaning of every inch of your home. Some of our clients require spring cleaning four times a year. It doesn't come as a surprise as the number of exotic insects causing various, until recently unheard of, illnesses are on the rise. And, of course, there are the dust mites, mainly blamed for causing asthma, or for worsening the condition of the asthma sufferers.
London Cleaning Agency offers residential as well as commercial One-Off and Spring cleaning services.
Spring (one-off) cleaning means a thorough cleaning of your whole premise-house, flat, office.

One-off / Spring Cleaning Rates

Our rate for one-off/spring cleaning is £16 per hour, exclusive of cleaning materials. If you want us to provide cleaning materials and equipment, our inclusive cleaning rate is £20 per hour

Our Cleaners

Our cleaners are experienced in spring cleaning; we make sure that everything is cleaned to the highest possible standard. Every room, door, fireplace, windowsill, skirting board, floor, in general, every single surface in your home will be well cleaned and polished.


One-off / Spring Cleaning tasks covered

Usually, the dirtiest and most neglected areas in a house are the kitchen and the bathroom, often because some parts in there could not be reached easily; with layered grease in the kitchen and limescale in the bathroom proving to be the hardest to deal with. Spring cleaning requires everything in the kitchen to be scrubbed, washed and wiped well; we'll clean up the fridge, microwave and cupboards from inside and outside, wash and polish the sink(s); in the bathroom all the basins and the bath will be thoroughly cleaned, tiles and walls washed and wiped, mirrors, cupboards and shelves polished.

When spring cleaning, our cleaners move parts of the furniture, like sofas and beds, for better results, we'll need to know if you would be happy with this. The one-off and spring cleaning includes the polishing of every single surface in your entrance area, living room, reception and bedroom(s), wiping inside closets and wardrobes. The spring cleaning will be completed with the vacuuming and moping of the floor, as rugs and movable carpets are removed beforehand and placed back after the floors become dry.

Booking a Cleaning

When booking our one-off or spring cleaning services, please, note that we require 4 hours minimum per visit. We usually recommend that more than one cleaner is booked because we know from our experience that it is the fastest way to complete the task.

We require a minimum of 4 hours per visit.

Cleaning Materials

If you don't have cleaning materials, vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, please us know and we'll supply them at a separate charge, or we can give you a list of the necessary detergents. Our cleaners also need access to hot water and power.