Commercial & Office Cleaning Services

Commercial and Office CleaningWe spend most of our daytime at our workplace, be it an office, bank, pub, restaurant. These places have an enormous impact on our creativeness and life and it is very important that we work in a clean and relaxing environment. Low maintained and dirty work premises could reflect on our moods and lead to losing interest in our job, therefore worsen our productiveness and the quality of our work.

At London Cleaning Agency we believe that a clean and good looking office or working premise is the key to a good performance. We have experience in cleaning different types of commercial premises, such as real estate agencies, accounting, publishing, IT company and other offices, banks, hotels, nursing and retirement homes, pubs, restaurants, clubs, factories.


Commercial Cleaning Rates

Our rates for cleaning offices vary based on your requirements and the amount of time needed to complete the clean. We would love to survey your premises free of charge and provide a no-obligation quote. Please request a survey by sending us a message.

Cleaning Schedule

We adapt our Commercial Cleaning Service to suit best the needs of our clients. After examining your office/business premises, we will be able to offer you a customised cleaning schedule and cover your requirements completely, cleaning your working place to the highest possible standard.

Small business premises/offices take a shorter time to clean and usually need a slightly different approach than the large ones and come with specific cleaning requirements.
The general cleaning of commercial premises includes the cleaning of all areas, facilities and offices; main area/ conference room; corridors/ reception/ stairs; kitchen; toilets if there is not a separate contract and cleaning schedule for them.

Commercial Cleaning Tasks

The cleaning undertaken every time when you have our cleaners on site includes the polishing/damp wiping all desks, shelves, cupboards; basically all furniture that needs polishing; dusting / polishing / damp wiping all surfaces, radiators, chairs; emptying waste bins and disposing of the rubbish; polishing mirrors and glass areas; cleaning telephones, faxes, in general all the equipment that needs and allows cleaning.

In the kitchen area our employees always wipe/polish the cupboards from outside and inside, clean microwaves, fridges, cookers; empty waste bins; wash cups, glasses, plates and cutlery; wash and dry sinks.

Toilets: empty bins and dispose of the rubbish; clean and polish all surfaces, basins, taps; disinfect toilet seats, toilet bowls and urinals.

Every time our cleaners will vacuum/sweep and mop the floors. Please, note that we need a vacuum cleaner and mop and bucket available on site. We supply cleaning materials if you don't have any available or require us cleaning with our own.

Time needed...

The time needed for cleaning depends on the frequency of the cleaning you require but we do not accept less than two hours per visit on a weekly cleaning schedule.