After Builders Cleaning Services in London

The builders have finished their job, gone and left the mess behind. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s always hard to imagine that the dirty empty rooms will be your home. If you can't even bear to look at it, then call us.

We have a lot of experience in clearing up such messes. London Cleaning Agency’s After Builders Cleaning service is second to none as we take care of our clients and never leave the work half – way done. We have the experience and the skills to clean your home or office / business premises to the highest standard. Our employees have been trained to pay attentions even to the smallest possible details.

London Cleaning Agency offers residential as well as commercial After Builders Cleaning services. The process involves the thorough cleaning of the house, flat, office or other premises.

After Builders Cleaning Rates

Our rate for after builders cleaning is £13 per hour, exclusive of cleaning materials.

Alfter Builders Cleaning Tasks

Usually there is no furniture in a new or renovated home so most of the rooms are empty. The living and dining rooms and the bedrooms will probably need the floors, skirting boards, windowsills and fire places cleaned.

The work in renovated or just installed kitchens includes the cleaning and polishing the inside and outside of every single cupboard and surface, windowsills and skirting boards. We will clean the fridges, freezers and cooker, if available.

In the bathroom/s our cleaners will make sure that any shiny surface, like showers, taps, shelves are perfectly polished; toilet bowls, baths, shower trays and cabins, basins will be cleaned and descaled; cupboards and shelves cleaned and polished. All hard and carpeted floors will be perfectly vacuumed and/or moped. Carpet cleaning (special treatment of carpet areas) as well as exterior window cleaning are not included in the service but could be booked separately through our agency.

We require minimum of 5 hours per visit.

Cleaning Materials

When booking our After Builders Cleaning service, please let us know if you have any cleaning materials and equipment available. If you don't, we would supply them upon request or we could give you a list of the detergents needed if you prefer to buy them yourself.
Our cleaners need an access to hot water and power.